Enjoying the new dota and can say balance is at an all time high for me.
I mostly play Turbo mode and find it a lot of fun, so much fun I don't feel the motivation to play ranked except to calibrate.

So since I have made turbo my home I would like to suggest to create two different modes of turbo and it's mainly because new and experienced players are getting mixed when it's not necessary and after some talking with the community we came to an agreement on a solution.

-Aim: For beginners to test heroes.
-Problem: It is not treated this way, any new player messing up is reported and bullied by more experienced players.
-Solution: Create two different turbo modes with different rulesets:
-Turbo Beginner which only allows new players to learn and make mistakes in a like minded environment.
-Turbo Advanced it's basically the same turbo mode we know and love except here it is expected that players are experienced like they are in ranked.

The two modes may have different balancing for example turbo beginner may have a lot of hints during gameplay that make it kind of more like a tutorial giving basic advice on the enemy heroes as you fight them
for example the enemy PA has high evasion so it would be recommended to purchase a Monkey King Bar or Silvers Edge to increase your chance of winning.

As for dealing with Smurfs in Turbo Beginner I think you may only be able to select heroes which you have 15 games or less with so after that cap you won't be able to select that hero again for that mode.
If you like this suggestion please support it with your ratings and comments so the devs see it.