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Thread: Hero Update: Slarder Sceptre Impractical+Slow farm issue+solution

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    Lightbulb Hero Update: Slarder Sceptre Impractical+Slow farm issue+solution

    I've currently played a good number of games with Slarder and noticed some issues with the hero that would help get him into a more playable state.
    Currently the hero was given a sceptre upgrade but to be realistic the sceptre upgrade isn't a viable option because Slarder's main issue is very slow farm and having the need to prioritize blink over stats.
    He's mainly seen as a position 4 and getting Blink to Sceptre just isn't likely with his rate of farm and skill set.

    I would like to suggest that we modify two things about this hero that would greatly help players more easily learn the hero and enjoy it too by making minor tweaks.

    -Problem: Slow Farm
    -Solution: On the hit that activates his passive bash, allow the bonus damage to cleave for 30/60/90/140 % or something along those lines in a small radius similar to battlefury.
    It will greatly help his team fight presence and his farming ability to be more relevant during the game.

    Problem: Blink Dagger is a core item on Slarder but it's the item no player wants to get because of how much he needs stats.
    Solution: Aghanim's Sceptre upgrade now:
    Allows Slarder to have a new ability for example "Slip Stream" which allows him two charges of a longer range force staff ability which allow him to initiate and he can use the second charge to flee as well making him feed much less. Each charge can have a 20 sec cooldown max 2 charges.

    Now he can have both stats and a built in blink effect making his early game a lot more stable rather than a hero to avoid because there are better position 4 players who feed less and have better durability.
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