Reason for buff:
-Mirana does not do well in current META
-Outclassed in mid lane by most meta midlaner heroes
-Magic build is outdated and can not compete
-She does nothing in team fight except for her moonlight shadow which is easily countered. (WHEN AN ULTIMATE IS EASILY COUNTERED BY 50 gold item then something seems wrong)
-No role in this current META because other heroes does the job better
-Even other supports scale better and can carry late game more than her ( i am not sure why dark willow, and crystal maiden is more faster than an AGI hero)


Rework: Hero Talents

-70 Moonlight Shadow Cooldown 25 Arrow pierces BKB
+3 Moon Blitz Hits 20 +20% Spell Amplification
+80 Leap Attack Speed 15 Starstorm mini stuns (0.25 sec)
+200 Health 10 +15 Damage

Rework: Moonlight Shadow

added a new ability passive Moon Blitz

Moon Blitz

-Moonlight Shadow and Moon Blitz are linked abilities; leveling up one automatically levels up the other as well.
-Commands an OWL (named MOON by selemene herself) to dive at a single target and strike repeatedly to inflict pure ranged damage to all enemies in a 300 AOE around the target (this ability is similar to Blitz Beat in Ragnarok except it is just passive and it cannot be casted) (ADDED THE SOUND of multiple hits sounds pleasing to the ears)
-Proc Chance and damage increased per level 15/25/35 chance and deals 5/10/15 percent of current mirana's damage per moon blitz hit
-Number of Moon Blitz hits is determined by mirana's current attackspeed plus 3 "when it procs". (ex. 100ish aspd =1 hit; 200ish aspd; 700aspd max = 7 hits)
-Uses Pseudo random distribution

Reason for this added skill and talent revision:
-Mirana is a flashy hero and is meant to be a more flashy hero
-Mirana needs to scale a bit late game to rival some carries a bit
-Moon Blitz skill helps her a bit in farming as well
-Moon Blitz adds some AOE in her dps to rival hardcore carries in game (Drow have aghs aoe, Medusa split, Melee Cores battle fury, Dragon Knight Splash, Luna Glaives, Templar Assassin Spill)
-Starstorm Ministun adds a bit of teamfight and a good buff for Magic build mirana and Support miranas with aghanims. Its good at level 15 mainly because non-core miranas who build aghs get it at around 15 anyways and core miranas get to level 15 fast so i think thats the ideal level where it should be.
-20% spell amplification does not seem much late game but reasonable enough for caster mirana
-plus 3 moon blitz hit is reasonable enough since we are removing 25 mana break (not sure why mirana became anti-mage all of a sudden anyways) and replacing moon blitz as the dps damage skill
-arrow pierces BKB in late game its a big deal.. 3 arrows is not really compelling compared to a piercing bkb arrow.

-numbers are tweakable so please comment below for some insights
-example scenario
117+39 damage mirana with 300ish aspd

149 x 0.10 = 14.9 or 15 dmg
proc hits= 300ish aspd equals 3 hits + 3 by default = 6 hits
15*6 = 90 pure damage in a 300 aoe

-too weak?
- its a passive skill so it can proc again.
-in late game its a bit strong but then again she still a paper cannon

BUT its flashy when you see multiple hit numbers goes down and multiple hit sounds.