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Thread: Suggestion to Fix Matchmaking, and the broken Ranking/MMR system.

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    Unhappy Suggestion to Fix Matchmaking, and the broken Ranking/MMR system.


    Ranked matchmaking, can be significantly improved, if players are ranked or rated on the role they play, and it can be a very effective way of assessing a player's performance.

    For example, a player can be a Divine support, and an Archon level carry, if he chooses to play as a support, his rank should be Divine, and he should be matched with/against Divine ranked players in other roles, if the same player who is Archon as a carry, queues as safe laner, he should be with/against Archon ranked players in other roles, such as Archon supports, and Archon off-laner.

    This is the best way to fix the broken matchmaking system. A lot of players are ranked like ancient++ and their gameplay is absolutely pathetic, and for some reason, all of them believe that they can carry, or mid with every hero possible. I've been playing Dota since 2004, Dota community has never been so broken, I'm a top tier support, but, in solo matchmaking, because of supporting shit tier carries and mids, from 5k MMR 4 years ago, I'm now in Archon bracket. This needs to be addressed immediately, good players are a luxury these days, support life is really hard.


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    Looks like they listened and took your advice bravo, but still hasn't solved much, as i mentioned in the other thread it's a geographic mindset issue, different geographies play differently, SEA has a different mindset, SA, Russia different mindsets vs other regions. If your region doesn't have an aggressive meta push 5 man group mindset and you get matched against 5 cancer 5 man all game picks it will be really hard to win top tier carry or support. Unless you can 1v9 each game.

    Every single game I play 90% of the time I have to grind a win, where 90% of my losses are straight stomps. Back in the day a few years ago there was a 50/50% of actually you could literally do nothing and get carried, or carry hard and have proper supports ect.

    I already played a few games with the new ranked roles, same shit NA players pick completely off meta retarded picks that don't go together at all, while SA Russia picks meta cancer and groups ends.

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    Just win by yourself. Try turbo 20 games then go back to normal games and youll see how open the map is to do plays with certain heroes. Turbo will teach you that winning the lane is everything and itll carry over. Youll see that a lot of picks are simply worthless in the context of winning even if theyre fun to play.

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