I play this game since the recipes for items costed 1 tree, instead of gold (2004). So please give me some credit about what i am about to say.
I love this game. Full stop. Period.
Since DotA2, i started asking my friends on Steam to try it out, so we can party. I must say i have made quite a good propaganda, once many of them tried and some are still playing.
The way Valve designed matchmaking is just unplayable. When all is good and i win some games in a row, it is almost a guarantee i'll get some players with the same medal as me - Legend (or even higher), but those being guardians/cruzaders. So I lose, because the enemy team is full of immortal smurfs/boosters. I do not know how you guys cannot identify skill x medal discrepancies after boosters stop boosting an account, but i do know you manipulate who will win a match (tell me i am not right: matchID 4806971882 and 4809920510).
In the last 12 months I "recruited" 2 new customers for you. I even bought the battlepass for the first time ever. But the teams in my last dozen of games were so terribly balanced that i said to myself i will not play it anymore.
My recruits keep asking me to keep coaching them, so I see two ways:
1. You remove a.whatever negative flag you put on my account (i had 40+ commends for 1 report and suddenly i got 7 reports in a row, just because i tried to suggest to my begginers teammates how to win) any b. any kind of 50% winrate limitation;
2. I will share the above with all the people i know in person and in all social media.
You chose.
P.S. dont bother sharing your blogs, sites or pre-made answers for this king of requests. I know them all by heart now.