Hello guys,

I have moved back home for summer break recently and I've discovered that for some reason dota just crashes on my desktop PC now. This can happen anywhere between 0 and 5 times throughout a game. I'd be playing a match and then dota would just randomly quit to dekstop. No idea what's causing it, I tried updating gpu drivers, reinstalling the game, verifying cache/intergity, etc. but to no avail. Other games run with zero issues. I've linked a couple of the crash dumps I'm getting, I tried reading the crash dump files but didn't find anything concrete, maybe you guys will have better luck.

Crash dumps link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=140..._m4knDUdBMtFwi (tried to attach these using the forum tool but it didn't work for some reason, hopefully this is good enough).