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Thread: Immortal Treasure Bug

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    Immortal Treasure Bug

    hello, i just found a bug but i am not sure if its visual, there are like 5 new treasures with recycle progression that is shared with immortal 1 progression, is it how it should work ? does that mean we could recycle immo1 items to get immo 3 treasures?

    p.s. that progression came from immortal 1 treasure

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    In addition....

    The recycling for immortal 2 seems broken. Recycling more than 1 (quantity) of the same item, only grants 1 'bonus reward progress'. I recycled 20 items, (5 each of 4 individual immortals) for just 1 reward, literally 1/5 of what would have happened if I recycled them individually. Is this working as intended?

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