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Thread: Witch Doctor Face Animation broken

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    Exclamation Witch Doctor Face Animation broken

    When Witch Doctor talks, his face is very distorted, like lips and eyes are glued together.

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    Can confirm this issue. At first, I noticed that WD blinks in a very strange manner. But after a while, I noticed his whole face animation is broken. I thought it might be the issue with the cosmetic item (I use a "Hat of Devilish Conjurer") but it appears it's a problem with a base model, not an item.

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    As an update, the child Invoker model as seen in Dota 2 main menu have exactly the same model issue when his model is supposed to blink.
    After a quick test, this problem is visible both in DX9, DX11 and Vulkan rendering. Changing the graphical setting also do nothing.

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