So I've won jungle turbo game for winning with Dark Seer hero challenge [match ID 4899064783]. After the game when i loading jungle page suddenly dark seer icon is gone, also spiked path near it is also gone. In theory its suppose to become wounded challenge, but its completely gone. And i got no reward or a thing. So i think its a bug and maybe cureable after i play and got the second win with Dark Seer in turbo match. Then i tried playing the challenge again and won [match ID 4899236333]. But still its no effect, I have restarted the client several time and still the bug persist. I would like to upload the screenshot of jungle page and recently played game, but the "manage attachments" doesnt work, i have tried several time to upload but failed. It took like FOREVER to upload just 1 screenshot picture, and my chrome is the latest version btw. My friend ID is 196747340. Anyone has suggestion or way to solve this bug? Im so frustrated not having the reward tbh.