On match ID 4902622899 i won as Riki jungle quest, when i won it I should get Relics of the Lost Virgil - style unlock. But after the MVP vote page i was directed to jungle quest page, and it is blank, no heroes icon and stuff. Then I got no reward. In the dota 2 client armory I got no new item. I go to Sven's Hero Loadout and try to unlock Relics of the Lost Virgil. When I clicked of alternate style its says I own 1 Relics of the Lost Virgil, i clicked it, but cannot use it, nothing happened, the second style still locked. I am very frustrated, not only this time i got the bug about jungle quest, I have to use my flare consumables item to scout Relics of the Lost Virgil - syle unlock because i won a match as dark seer but got no reward aswell. By winning as Dard Seer i should got clue where that idol is. I've already posted that bug previously but still no answer [https://dev.dota2.com/showthread.php?t=289945]. I dont know if this post not in the right forum. And once again, I can not post a screenshot of my dota 2 armory client because simply I cannot, by the time I finished typing this post the uploading process is still stuck.
My friend ID is 196747340. I dont know what to do next, I've restarted steam and dota 2 client even I've reinstalled dota 2, still no Relics of the Lost Virgil - style unlock in my armory.