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Thread: Voice com breaks all my audio and sometime game

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    Unhappy Voice com breaks all my audio and sometime game

    Hello everyone, i have 4k hours into Dota 2,
    recently i got some new headphones (Corsair HS70 Wireless) and since then i have had some issues.

    Every time i play Dota 2 and use the voice com,
    it randomly breaks my audio,
    sometimes i cant speak or hear on Discord,
    sometimes i cant speak or hear on Dota 2,
    and sometimes it just crashes Dota 2.

    This only happens in Dota 2 so makes me think it is related to the game,
    i have played around with some configs from Dota 2 and my phones drivers but it keeps happening,
    its quite frustrating to try and communicate only to loose all audio or have the game crash.

    Has anyone here experienced anything like this before?
    Any help is much appreciated as this is a very frustrating bug.


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    Its may happend when 2 apps using same default output device. Close discord and try use voice chat in doto.
    Or you have set in (driver menu - example realteck, where you can set mixer and make' your output device like input device)
    Steam app can use same output device with discord(sound what going to your headphones) So i think problem there.

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