Dota Event Idea.

Lighting vs Thunder
Frustrated by each other’s power and control of the elements Zeus and Razor plan to put their powers in to ultimate test

Dire empowered by Razor and Radiant by Zeus

In game changes

Shrines – turn in to shrines dedicated to Zeus(Radiant) and Razor(Dire)
Secret shop shrines become protected by Nimbus + StaticField(Radiant) and PlasmaField + Unstable Current (Dire)

Jungle Shrines overtaken by rouge monks trying to please Zeus and Razor by crafting items that have lesser powerful versions of Lightning Bolt(Radiant) and Static Link(Dire). They have also learnt the power of harnessing the powers of Maelstrom… combining it with Aeon disk, dagon, sage, yasha and kaya providing 5 interesting new items.

Maelstrom + Dagon – Dagon jumps targets(lvl 5- 5 targets) and 50% of the damage done steals mana for same amount and puts all enemy skills on 1.5/1/2.5/3/3.5/4 sec cool down.

Maelstrom + Yasha – Each Maelstrom proc. Depending on number of targets it hits gives the user additional movement and attack speed. (+1% movement, + 10 attack speed)

Maelstrom + Kaya – 50% proc. Chance, +450 range, + 50 damage to Maelstrom stats and also 50% chance to trigger on spells.

Maelstrom + Sage – Maelstrom procs reduce statues resistance by 30% and gives user status resistance +2% per each unit hit.

Maelstrom + Aeon Disk – Reduce cool down of Aeon disk to 80 and grants lightning shields to heroes within a unit 200 radius for 8 sec. (Lighting shield provides a +400 damage reduction for range attacks and spells and damage +40/sec to enemy units within 75 units.)

Knowing the power of Agies the two Gods fight to secure the pit but the two powers end up making a lighting shield that has 1000 + 50/min damage to anyone who enters the pit (the rouge monks speculate that destroying either shrines would bring down the force field, the monks also believe that the shrines contain Aganims that have been linked to Zeus and Razor… when shrines are destroyed any hero may pick up Aganims and get the powers of the lighting Gods)

Towers – The two gods imbue their teams towers with their magic.. allowing towers to cast Plasma Field(Dire) and Arc Lighting(Radiant)

New Mechanic for Game mode - Rage of Zues has caused the Ancient lands to have a constant thunder storm randomly hitting foe and friend alike. Razors with more sardonic character has somehow extended his immortality with begins of land, if killed by Zeus random bolts returning them from death instantly and with that vengeance links to whatever unit that is close by and sucks out their damage with a conjured static link.