Devour's tooltip is significantly out of date, reflecting how the ability previously worked and not adapting to the changes made in recent versions.

The primary issue is that there is no indication of how its autocast function works. The detail about how creep abilities will only be acquired when the skill is set to autocast is rather important to add; if a player unknowingly turns off the autocast function, they will be unable to acquire any new abilities without understanding why.

The tooltip also makes no mention of the creep level limit; it is only noted in the 7.22 changelog snippit, but will be lost once it expires.

The alt text still mentions the devour time being dependent on the HP of the unit, but that is no longer the case - it is a constant 80 seconds.

The alt text also mentions that it cannot be used on ancients or mechanical units. The mechanical units aspect is no longer valid since siege units can be targeted as normal, while ancients can indeed be targeted with the correct talent.

Finally, a minor detail would be mentioning somewhere in the description text that Doom regenerates HP while digesting a creep. It is only present in the stats, which is slightly inconsistent.