1. When you have purchased aghs and you activate your ult, the status indicator for your aghs upgrade that is now active describes the old upgrade which was damage redirect.
2. Curse of Avernus's attack speed buff only applies to Heroes and this is not mentioned any where in the tool tip. I'm not even sure if that is intentional. I should also mention that the buff isn't applied to lone druid's spirit bear either and I'm not sure if that is also intentional. I think both should be intentional because this spell is very good already and no one wants to see a catapult or a spirit bear +40 attack speed at lvl 1.

There is also a visual bug:
Curse of Avernus no longer grants bonus movement speed but the trailing effect that is supposed to be indicative of bonus movement speed on those affected by the buff is still present. I would remove it and replace it with the hero's phaseboot effect so it won't be unused and the hero will have a unique phaseboot effect.

Should I post the last one to the visual section? How about the attack speed buff one? should that be posted in the gameplay section?