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Thread: Please I need help

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    Please I need help

    Please I need help I'm trying to get out of Single Draft desperately but everyone time I try I'm getting abandons because of power cuts and I tried to contact steam support about this before as well.

    About how players who live on Asia Continent has to face monsoon and thus power cuts made by goverments I mean I am barely managing to not harm my self or cry out it's I'm a god of poverty I can try to get out of Low Priority infinite times but this random power cuts I can't even play anything beside lobby whenever I get on my 5th match of clearing the Low Priority power cut happens this is like 12th or more time in this month I'm have mixed emotions about this I'm on verge of crying, enraged, confused in pain, trying to hold my self.

    DotA is just not a game for me I'm playing it from 2009 I mean not DotA 2 since I started playing DotA 2 from 2016 back then in my town there weren't online games and online games were explored by my fellow gaming mates I mean we knew about DotA 2 but it was in 2014 or 2015 I think I don't remember either way...

    I don't know.

    I don't know what to say then a week ago I thought I can try infinitely to get out of single draft by trying hard and there is no such thing as bad luck but a friend from cafe told me that you will get 6 months ban by Valve after your conduct summary score runs out...

    I don't know just without any forums or regulations or policies just help me somehow this is just biased and cruelly more punishing than anything I'm even afraid to queue for a match now I'm not having fun anymore...

    I can't just chill playing the game after every days job, chores and collage now. It's a personal hell made just for me.

    PLEASE I request I will even beg just help me somehow.

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    maybe try to but a battery charge that plug in to the computer. it can hold power up to 30 minutes

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