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Thread: My latest Bug Bundle Report

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    Lightbulb My latest Bug Bundle Report


    One of the recent Dota updates reports mentioned taking in general bug and quality of life improvements so I thought ok why not. While it didn't link to any specific place to report the changes I assume it's here in the Dota Dev forums since I have been here before. Many of these fall under the quality of life changes that the update post referenced. I spent a lot of time on these so be nice and if you are a moderator please forward these to the developers.

    Before we begin I believe this forum for reporting bugs is not the best way to do so.
    Often users like me need to make accounts and go through a lot of hassle for something that's not our problem and we do so without incentive usually.

    So here I recommend an alternative for the masses which is basically a report bug or feedback button next to the download replay button at the end of every match where players can give their opinion on anything unusual. It's too easy to pass up for players since they are fresh from a match and only a single button away. This reduces unreported bugs by magnitudes.

    I put a lot of effort into this and am a game designer myself but I kept the lingo more for everyone
    so here's my bug list and some general feedback, no need to worry nothing too ambitious:

    #Update Phase

    -Client out of date error after game has launched:
    A common issue that has increased due to excessive daily updates. You Launch Dota only for it to miss the timing to update even though the setting to keep the game up to date is active. You receive the client is out of date and you're forced to restart the game and it will only then get its update.

    -Excessive mysterious updates:
    Dota updates almost daily now and 70% of these updates don't tell you what was updated. This is not transparent and makes the developers seem disconnected with their users. Please amend this.

    #Post Game

    -End match Equipment list is wrong:
    At the end of every game the recent items each player has is not correct, it fixes itself when you move the time slider forward and back to the end of the match again.

    -Only person in post-game chat:
    Users will always be shown as the only person in the post-game chat. It will fill the post game chat with other users when you change to another tab and then change back to the post game chat.

    -MVP replay when looking up a game that just finished in your recent games:
    Looking at a recent game that just finished will bring you back to the MVP screen where you have to wait or click an MVP but it won't do anything.

    #Demo Hero

    Differences in game and demo mode code:
    -Rubick stolen 50% spell talent doesn't update it's ability text. This is one of many demo hero bugs.
    More examples are Lone druid Lv.20 and 25 battle cry talents don't exist by that name in demo mode. In demo mode the spirit bears stats are all wrong when equipped with heart and eye of skadi etc.

    Enemy Max Level Button:
    Add an Enemy Max Level button to save time on clicking 25 times to make the enemy max level.

    Endless Looping Sounds:
    -Sometimes you'll hear some heroes say the lines of other heroes in the heroes menu.
    In my case when I pressed quit to select another hero an endless bells and water sound plays until you press to demo hero but leaving the demo hero made it return. Only quitting the game fixed that issue.

    #Exclusive Fullscreen Mode

    Interaction Issues and timing delay issues when Alt Tabbing:
    -Exclusive Fullscreen and Tabbing are bugged and don't work very well.
    I get a lot of issues especially when alt-tabbing with the game for example during the pick phase where everything disappears for a minute unless you spam the cogwheel or something.
    Doing this during the game too much may in rare cases make the game think keys are being pressed or combined and won't undo those changes.

    Brightness Slider for non-fullscreen modes:
    -I recently left exclusive fullscreen to windowed mode and it's much better and would like to request a brightness slider option for windowed mode too similar to the exclusive fullscreen one.


    Team Vs Team new intro animations:
    -New Team intro animations are buggy and laggy and need some quality updates.
    You may encounter only one team into and get a constant loading versus screen long enough to just skip the remaining team intro. You might even be lucky enough to see a glitched one where only the floor is shown and you see through it.

    Missing key details on certain hero abilities:
    -Catapult is effective against towers but it has no passives or anything to indicate such. Add them for consistency.

    Slarder Corrosive Haze:
    Corrosive Haze is noted to have increased cast range at all levels but this is not displayed in it's ability like other heroes do example Vengeful Spirits ultimate will show you the swap cast range and how it increases. His Sceptre writes that he gains 25Hp regen but also in the recent patch he gains 35Hp regen but the text on the sceptre still shows the old 25Hp text.

    Turbo Mode Tower rework:
    Currently the only solution to stop the minute one Natures Prophet tower abuse trick is to ban him.
    A better solution is to make the Turbo towers more interesting without giving them more armor.
    Maybe they should have invulnerability for the first 3 minutes or deal double the normal tower damage to any enemy that is not a creep. I genuinely would not mind tier 3 towers dealing 3 times normal damage to heroes and illusions that would be funny and balanced by them melting so fast.
    Right now Warlocks Golem can solo towers and he will usually send 4 of them to wipe your base with the magic immunity talent. Not fun.

    Force Lanes to be picked or incur a 150 gold penalty:
    -Lane picking during hero selection should be common practice. In many matchups when heroes don not pick their lanes it can cause confusion and arguments with team mates can get very toxic.
    Once a hero is picked a popup will appear telling players to choose their lanes. Once a lane is picked they are free to change it but we want to avoid absent lanes which confuse everyone else especially with heroes that can lane in multiple lanes.

    Low Commend Limit:
    -Increase the commend limit. With the number of games I average being 4 in a day or more for turbo. It runs out too quick and we can't commend very deserving team mates. Doubling the limit will be an effective way to do so.


    Aeon Disk:
    -Too easily cheesed. Make it an active item that can be activated at any time so the user can be more clever on the timing of it.

    -Critical strike should be 30% like daedulus. You're not going to deal as much damage as the deadulus but balanced by it being one of the most expensive items available.

    Aghanim Blessings
    -Should keep the attribute bonuses for equipping it as the 2000 gold price tag to keep the abilities granted but lose the stat bonuses is unfair. The Roshan version shouldn't give stats.

    Tranquil Boots:
    I wouldn't mind it receiving something extra as a buff with a small price increase. Maybe make it upgrade-able to Boots of True Sight or something. These boots give you a small 300 AOE where anything within that AOE is revealed. The AOE is small so you'll have just enough time to get an edge on some sneak attacks by invisible units and you need to be within 300 AOE of an enemy ward to discover it.


    Luna's passive to be doubled for self and the same 24 for team mates or just more for self than it currently is. This will solver her early game problems and make her aura more reasonable in comparison to drow which can give 200 attack speed to the whole team regardless of their proximity to you.

    His main issue is extremely low attack range and being fairly squishy. Even with a dragon lance you are still perhaps the lowest attack range hero in the game. This is not a level 3 carry quality
    and it doesn't help that he needs to get in very close to fight.

    Magnus could use a significant improvement to his whole kit. He needs a lot less mana cost on his skills and more int gain. Sven and Pangolier get mana talents but Magnus is going to need much more. His ultimate has an incredibly long cooldown with a very small AOE. The heroes that need to be pulled in are the heroes currently outside the AOE so by increasing the AOE to 800 or perhaps even more he can be taken more seriously as a level 3 initiator to more reliably setup combos.

    His attack speed is very underwhelming throughout the game with a very low Agi gain for an agility hero. I know this is somewhat to balance his static link but you are not likely to get a good link off without dying since the enemy will always lure you into their team. Give him a 2.1>3.9 Agi gain and remove the piercing spell immune units on static link. It should help him play his durable level 2 role much better.

    -Ogre Maggi
    Remove the 60% mana cost on his sceptre for a flat mana cost. The sceptre effect is very costly and you will run out of mana instantly making your usefulness much less.

    Remove magic immunity talent as they are already hard enough to deal with as it is. One good fatal bonds with your ultimate can team wipe the enemy.

    Support Pickers:
    -Support heroes are not going to get as much farm, recognition, glory and are a lot harder to play than a carry. It is a fact of the support life. This makes playing them a chore and people are not here to work they are here to have fun so that is why they rarely get picked willingly. I consider an ultimatum that any position 5 support as shown by their GPM being the lowest or them buying wards and couriers regularly will be bestowed a 35% discount on any shop items or the most common support items will go on sale or in a bundle etc. By making their role easier it is just better overall.

    Pro vs Pub considerations:
    - It is important to understand that a Pro user can make any hero seem too strong. When I play Batrider or Earth Spirit now I feel these nerfed heroes are basically unviable and can be replaced by many better supports. Just because the meta refuses to pick these better supports that I refer to it does not change my points validity as the Meta can be stubborn.
    We have all seen that PA or Axe player who seems unstoppable and these lead us to believe the hero is overpowered but it really is just how any hero can be in the right situation and by the right player.

    Splitting MMR
    The final quality of life update is to split the MMR loss and gain of each match to no longer be based on whether you win a game or lose it. This will drastically lower the toxicity and stress of each match because right now it does not matter how skilled you are, it only matters if you win and this is not right and is the biggest toxic factor in the game. What should matter is whether you improve or not or did your role correctly and you should be rewarded for these things instead of being slapped with a -25 MMR. This can be checked by on how you performed with the base average record for that hero. If you perform much higher than the average for that hero then you gain even more MMR and if you played lower than the average or you just had a bad game then you get punished for it as you should. This will reduce new players from entering ranked and testing builds for which there are other modes and this will also lower their encounter rate with smurfs.

    It's important to Note that the current MMR is not a true determiner of skill but this Splitting MMR system will be since a player that can constantly perform game after game is what a truly skilled player is.
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    Winter Wyvern Buff

    An Update to hero's is Winter Wyvern who needs critical buffs. No one plays this hero anymore, it's extremely rare to ever see it in pubs, I have encountered 0 in the last 100 games.
    Winter Wyvern's main issues are:
    Very slow movement speed.
    Very low right click damage.
    Very short attack range making her unable to trade attacks.
    Her Splinter Blast will disrupt the lane push badly.
    Her Arctic Burn has a very high cooldown.
    Her Ultimate has a very small cast range that will likely get her killed and at best kill a support.
    Right now there is almost never a situation to play her with the skillset that she has but we can make some changes to get her in shape.

    Arctic burn replace this skill with a 4 second reliable stun that deals 100 damage each second.
    Cold Embrace to instead of locking you in place it will heal you and cause any units attacking you during the duration to be stunned for 3 seconds.
    Splinter Blast needs to be a toggle ability that won't damage creeps so you can allow the carry to farm them without pushing the lane. Increase the damage from 340 to 450.
    Her Ultimate could use a 200 cast range bonus.

    Rework the Sceptre a so that Splinter Blast produces a 2 second stun with a bonus 250 damage to the skill going from 450 to 700 damage and now you have a decent Sceptre.
    So if you have the Sceptre and the level 25 talent you will have a 4 second stun splinter blast which is quite decent.

    Give her a decent movespeed, damage and attack range and she's looking pretty viable now.
    These changes will allow her to be a disable level 3 support among many of the greats.
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    Update: A New Bug+Memory Buff and 2 Hero updates

    Camera issue during hero screen and loadout:
    -When you want to buy some items in the hero OR loadout sections of the game in some cases you want to see for example silencers shield of stillness, you rotate silencer in the angle you would like to view him with that item and when you click his shield of stillness his camera rotation will change to a different angle making it impossible to see him in your desired angle that you rotated him to. I am not sure what the trigger or fix for this is but I have seen this many many times with many items on heroes during the hero and loadout screens when buying items.

    Memory issues:
    -Currently speaking Dota characters are very low poly and so are the environments. Even on the lowest settings which most players use I am seeing 1.5Gb ram usage. I think it's about time for some memory optimizations on the game. I think for low poly and low settings something around 500MB is fair ideally with a couple hundred in either direction here or there.

    -Right now she's in a pretty bad spot: She will spend most of her time farming to overcome her short comings. A hero whose first major item is Linkin's is not a mark of a carry. The meta has changed and the damage dealt is extremely high so her very low HP gain doesn't make sense because the hero doesn't have anything to warrant that. Her Mana shield just doesn't work very well because she can't really compliment it with anything as her damage output and movement speed are very poor.

    Her kit is actually that of an offlane tank than a carry-there are also many better Carries like PA and TB and many better offlaners that I would pick over medusa like Centura and Bristleback as they all have higher damage output, come online sooner and are much stronger in the late game than Medusa.
    Aside from a buff to her HP i feel her ultimate isn't effective for an ultimate. An ultimate that causes enemies to flee or turn stay stunned on the spot is not good. Dark Willow has Terrorize and another ultimate on top of that and CM has frostbite as a normal skill which targets 1 hero but its a guaranteed stun unlike medusa's.
    A solution would be more hp gain per level and her ultimate is so bad you might as well give her another skill like dark willow does cause she needs it big time.

    -A perfect example of a hero where your ultimate will take care of your skill shortcomings and go further away from the classic roots of 5 v 5 game and ruin the fun of the game. It's bad design.
    Right now clinkz ultimate is one of the best team fight skills in the game hands down as the damage output is just too high and time spent destroying them leaves you open to enemy attack.
    Simply rework the ultimate-there's no other way after all this is a hero who was doing fine before the ultimate rework and now he has too much game impact for 1 hero.
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    Frames per second was good around 140 again, with GTX1070- and then it went back down to 90's and 100's - only 160/140ish when game is paused.

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