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Thread: [Meepo] Revert "double tap to self cast" change for poof

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    [Meepo] Revert "double tap to self cast" change for poof

    Why have you suddenly changed the Poof spell behaviour? We used to not be able to "double tap ability to self cast" with Poof. And for a good reason, we have absolutely no use for that. None whatsoever. This has triggered lots of misplay for me. And most Meepo players use quickcast. I don't, so it's very annoying for me to make misplays on a mass-poof. Never this kind of mistake have happened to me before the change.

    The change has been recently made, right? But I see no mention of it in any patch note...

    Can you revert the behaviour please? Poof doesn't need "Double tap ability to self cast".

    Thank you
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