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Thread: Feedback: Matchmaking Update - Flaws

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    Angry Feedback: Matchmaking Update - Flaws


    I just had a torturous game, match ID: 4951875251

    I queued as Hard Support, my support rating is around 3K. Legend 6.

    I just had the worst possible experience, players were as bad as newcomers, but they were somehow higher rank than me, no one is playing their selected role, people joining as supports and not playing their roles, in this game, someone queued as an offlaner, but picked Rylai, a necro who queued as support, never supported, besides that, I'm unsure how he is the rank he was... it just doesn't make sense..

    I have Dota plus subscription of a reason, I was tired of people not playing correct roles, now with this update, everyone is queuing as support for faster matchmaking, and picking random heroes, and not doing their job, and their gameplay is pathetic.
    I am very unfortunate, being a top tier player, I'm stuck in the 3k bracket because I've been playing support all along, and now, its just worse. Please give us an update of what is to come, I played 2 games since the new patch, and both the games, same shit occurred, very frustrating, this'll lead me to quit Dota again... its such a shame, I was 4k+ mmr at one point.


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    My friend I don't agree with you, it didn't happen to me, but otherwise I think you should give some time for the new system to take over, I beleave this patch solved a real problem witch is the flaming and fighting between players in picking phase. This step they should be make from long time ago. But I agree with you with one thing if these kind of players keep queuing as support for fast find and playing other roles then the system should make something that find out about these players to make some actions like low priority for example against them

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    Already experienced the above multiple times

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