Please refer to the above video clip.

When clicking on the currently equipped set to open the " Set Selection / Shuffle " menu, the game locks up. AFAIK, this isn't a cacheing issue; as you can see in the video the Set Selection / Shuffle menu is opened twice consecutively and the program still locks up.

Additionally, when adding a set to the current shuffle by dog-earing the Saved or Full Set, the client locks up for an indefinite amount of time. Unfortunately, this video does not capture the Windows dialogue that appears indicating that dota2.exe has stopped to responding. This hangs anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute before the program becomes responsive.

Furthermore, the default set for every hero is now required when Shuffle is enabled; I can not remove the dog-ear from the default set for any hero; it must remain in the shuffle.

The client becoming unresponsive appears to only happen on some heroes (for instance, on my client I also have this problem with Dark Seer to name only one).

The client becoming unresponsive only appears to affect the Set Selection / Shuffle menu as opening up the menus for individual item slots does not hang the client.

You also might notice some big lag at the start of the video when I type out ' d e a t h ' to quickly jump to Death Prohpet's paper doll.

FWIW, I run DOTA 2 on my Intel SSDSC2BW240A4 SSD. My rig runs an i5-4670K CPU on a GTX 970 chip. 8 GB RAM installed. I don't think my specs are the problem; again, this only happens with jumping between heroes and the Set Selection / Shuffle menu.

HTH and thanks for all you do for my favorite game!

Slainte mhaith,

P.S. - I think it would be nice if we could separate the Pet and Taunt loadout slots from saved sets; those are independent of the hero cosmetics and are both either "you like them/want them or you don't" type of item slots IMHO.