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Thread: ✔ Unity Query Overrides Hero Control Console -- Multiple bugs with it...

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    ✔ Unity Query Overrides Hero Control Console -- Multiple bugs with it...

    So this option unchecked gives you the benefit of seeing an enemy unit while controling your hero, it is very convenient to spot the point at which a ward was placed, how much damage a tower did to a creep, will your next spell nuke the neutral camp you're farming etc. it is really cool and a lot of people that came from Heroes of Newerth are used to it.
    The problem with it, at the time of writing this, is that it was not updated after the teleportation scroll change so there is no real way (I know of) to check if selected hero has a tp, and when with allies you can hit alt to display tp status up-top with enemies you just have to assume they always have one on them or ask your team for that information.
    And with the Summer Scrub update it seems to be always in colourblind mode even though it is not selected and crashed my game twice today after clicking either an enemy hero or a creep.
    I am not sure as to what happened but here is the match id: 4955586094.

    Dem file on google drive:
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