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Thread: [MATCHMAKING] Different Region Mindset issues

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    We need some sort of soft region geography lock NA VS SA, Or European players vs Russians have completely different mindsets on how to play the game, this causes wide gameplay disparity. 9 out of 10 games on US East is 5 NA players vs 5 South Americans. The GG Peru are much better at the meta then NA players are. They pick cancer meta picks and try to end quick. The same thing happens on EU Servers All Russians vs Arab / EU players. Russians do the same exact thing they pick meta cancer and push to end.

    This is totally unfair playing with passive completely un-synergistic heroes. A soft lock needs to be implemented where if SA queues a different server they all match make with other SA players, so 10 players all from SA not NA vs SA. Same thing with Europe or other geographic regions. I also suspect they abuse geographic matchmaking when all 5 play from an internet cafe to matchmake together.

    Either this lock, or mix the teams back like it used to be. Nobody needs more then basic language such as the chat wheel to play the game and pinging, the main language is not required. it's severely un-even with such massive different mindsets. Not to mention all the SA boosters. 90% of the time games are a grind to win any mmr, 90% of the losses are straight stomps, a few years ago they were pretty even 50/50, all the changes have just made things worst.

    Until this is resolved nothing will fix MM, not different MMR, different this, language locks, ect. Region Geographic locks need to apply to match making for both teams, if I'm in NA and I queue NA I want to play against 5 other NA players same mindset equal supposed skill.
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