Thank you very much for the change of the MM system. Greatly appreciate it. BUT having two MMR was the problem before, and it's still a problem now.

Having 2 MMR dictates the behaviour of players, because most players focus on climbing up the ranking. Naturally, before the change, most people focused on Solo MMR and never played team. And I believe it is what has hampered DOTA growth, because people are reluctant on playing with friends. Who are you going to invite to discover DOTA if you're not going to play with them anyway? So this change is more than welcome. But it's far from enough.

Now, it's the same kind of problem. Same mindset of climbing up the ranking, but this time, people have to focus on either Core or Support to climb up the ladder. So this is actually enclosing us in specific roles like it did for Solo/Team, which is a shame. DOTA is about enjoying all the heroes equally and with friends.

Please, get rid of multiple MMR. The problems arising from having only one single MMR is acceptable imho, and not that important compared to the freedom to play the way we want, without having to focus on one particular aspect of the ranking system.