There is a region of the screen under the allied portraits at the top, shown [here]( which acts as the portraits themselves. [There does not seem to be a space under one's own portrait]

To clarify, this means casting spells and items in this empty space will attempt to use said spells/items on the allies (or where they are located). This means that instead of casting the spell where your mouse is, it will instead rotate your character to where your allies are and either use the spell on THEIR location or WALK YOU in their direction, even if they are across the map.

[In this video]( I am attempting to cast Stroke of Fate on the ground. Notice how the moment my mouse gets within the bugged area [under the portraits] Grimstroke turns around and starts moving towards the person in the icon above where my mouse is.

[In this video]( notice how even though my mouse is neither on Sven nor his portrait, the game still thinks that I am targeting him when I try to share wards with him. They go into his inventory once I get close enough, even though I never technically targeted him.

[Here are my video settings, nothing notable here.](

I was able to replicate this in demo mode, and with some testing it appears to be solely related to quick-casting. Seen [here](