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Thread: [BUG 7.22f] (Post Summer Scrub update) Incorrect number of Eclipse beams

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    [BUG] Incorrect number of Eclipse beams (7.22f - Post Summer Scrub update)

    After playing Luna once or twice, I've found that Eclipse doesn't have the same number of beams anymore, as if Luna was nerfed under the radar. When there should be 6/9/12 beams, there are only 4/8/10 beams, on average. I say on average, because on further testing, I've noticed a level 2 Eclipse can occasionally only fire off 7 beams instead of 8, for seemingly no reason at all, and I think once (and only once) I counted one Eclipse at level 3 that gave 11 beams instead of 10, though that could just be me miscounting.

    I haven't detected any anomalies with Eclipse when it's been upgraded by Scepter (it still gives 6/12/18 beams like it should), nor any anomalies with the 5-beam limit per target. I hope other people can give me insight and tell me I'm not crazy, because Luna's my favorite hero, and it actually annoys me to see something like this happen.
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    Thanks for the report, it should be fixed now

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    It is! Thanks for the fix.

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