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    Thumbs up You wanted feedback?

    Here's your feedback:

    I've spent the last decade playing this game, and for some reason I calibrated 2500 mmr. This was obviously a trick to get me to invest all my time into your game.

    Here is the proof, why don't you super intelligent programmers and algorithm writers, take a look at what the game play is like for someone who has literally dedicated his entire being and existence to trying to compete in this game.

    Here are some heads up elements:

    Team dont go in or rotate or help or do anything related to team work, versus, team five man death ball attack objectives with no retaliation at all.

    I don't want views, I don't want money, I want to quit playing this fucking game so I can go work at mcondalds and actually get money for my time.
    Here is the proof:
    Live, and recordings as well

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    I originally calibrated at 2.7k fell down to 1.8k climbed back to 3.8k now down back to 1.5k so 2K MMR swings in each direction, which shows the system is broken. As I stated in the other thread i made matchmaking on different servers is placing completely different regions to compete against each-other. South America plays the game differently then North America, Russia plays it completely different then Europe.

    So you have 5 mindsets of solo afk farmers for 60m, vs 5 death ball heroes, on top of that there is language geo-location abuse in solo where people probably match make together = the stupidity that is MM. The recent update kinda fixed it as now you don't have to play solo and can play party games.

    From another observation about mindsets, I have started playing with Russians in a party and we just snowball and stomp, as soon I play with my fellow NA trashcans party also it turns into AFK 0 team game and the games become much harder. Even godlike 1v9 boosters lose games sometimes when they end up MM with 4 AFK solo players.

    The problem with solo is depending on the region for me US East, EU West / East, you always end up matchmaking against 5 snowball mindsets because different gaming culture. Anyway just start setting up and playing in parties in finding people in regions who have the team fighting snowballing mindset in whatever geographical region you are in.

    Doing the above by me forming parties in say Moscow chat, I probably have like a 80-90% WR.

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