After the last update where you need to mark some role tags I finally got so irritated to stop my 17 years of playing the game.
Through the years i have always loved to play the game with all it's good sides and bad ones also.
The new system is simply badly made and unconsidered forced upon users of the game.
Instead of fixing anything for anyone, it actually gives players hundreds of new reasons to report each other for no valid reason.
With the new designated roles now you can play about 10 percent of the strategies playable on the map.
Because you have to play the designated roles you can't even counter-pick anything the enemies pick without playing outside the role you picked(not to mention the roles that aren't even there for choosing
The lack of knowledge on the 90% of players of the game also provides a big problem.
Because most players can't play all heroes in a class you can never fulfill the designated role you chose at first.
So what now? restrict your choices and mark only the boxes you want or the opposite way and mark all?? It's bad either way.
Why? Cause now the majority of players who wants to play they will only mark core positions which means if you wont pick a support or a hard support role you have to qeue for ages(bet they forgot to think about that in valve). Or when they mark all boxes, they will most of the time only get to play support or hard support. And why is this a problem? cause you mark a hard support specifically and a support only. Valve has made a system now where you can only play lineups with dual support( being it one semi-support or two full support) But they haven't restricted the other lane roles. Which means again in most cases you will end with weak flat-lanes with three carries. And if you add this up you will always end with 1 hard support for three carries(which in most cases in insufficient). So if valves intention was to make people play more support roles to strengthen lineups in games and make people argue less in-game, they actually failed at it.
Not only has valve created a locked system with incomplete/flawed understanding of lanes, they have also created a hostile environment for people to report each other even more than before.
The prior system about discussing the roles out wasn't perfect. But that system gave people a choice to either be reasonable, or else take the bitter pill and atleast be mature enough to complete a game with strength and manners.
With my 17 years of playing dota i can say this about the current situation:
The creativity and stability of picking lineups for playing AP ranked is gone.
Player hostility towards each other is now worse( valve needs to check their data. Do people report each other for not playing the role they chose more or the other 3?)
And since in the old days, where prorus fixed the game loading for each game for 20-something minutes, am i now experiencing something similar when i restrict marked boxes in AP ranked.

Less flexibility on how to playing the map. A flawed understanding on the restrictions valve has made on how the game works. And as long waiting time now each game as in the early days of dota when people waited 20-30 minutes each game to get to play a game(with the guarantee of of not being able to play the best possible lineup against the lineup your enemies picked and on top of that getting petty hate reports)

I never ask for commendations in-game, but got thousands of them. And people tell me that i showed them sides of the game they didn't know or didn't understand before. But with this update on the game I simply think that valve is ruining all that work people put in to try and make the game a better environment.

All this is simply making dota an unenjoyable game for me. So I've decided to take a break from the game after 17 years.

Hf n Gl to all dota players.