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Thread: Suggstion - Windrunner -50% missrate when stand still in windrun

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    Lightbulb Suggstion - Windrunner -50% missrate when stand still in windrun

    i think in dota 2 , everything works with numbers . its like math . but in general its a fantasy game and should make some sense as fantasy.
    for example , how someone can dodge attack when time stoped for him ? when void chorno pa !
    and we know windrunner got buffed recent patches , pickrate and winrate is high and need to be nerfed a little bit .
    and i tought , when he use windrun , he supposed to run and dodge , not just stand still and dodge all attacks .
    it make more sense if he miss when he run not standing still .
    so i suggest to reduce her missrate by half when he stand still .
    it would be more fancy and more reasonable.

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    Actually, it would be better if it's a lot lesser, like 25% evasion when standing still on Windrun. That'll prevent abuse.

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