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Thread: Suggestions: item/abilities changes, added, removed

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    Suggestions: item/abilities changes, added, removed


    - Hand of Midas: if an hero has farming advantage, it shouldn't have even more farming advantage with a midas.
    - Meteor Hammer: this item is only used to push, I see treant protector buying this to rat.
    - Helm of the dominator: everything it provides is negligible (2 attributes, 20 AS..) and it can't be upgraded.
    - Holy Lucket: I think heal amplification should be provided by another currently existing support item like Mek.
    - Bloodstone: I think the mana and HP regen of the refresher orb should be buffed instead, I know a refresher isn't useful for every heroes but it provides a lot of regen already. Also the active of the bloodstone is weird and the cooldown very long, a satanic is more useful to restore health.
    - Urn: maybe the active effect could be partially applied to a medallion instead.
    - Not sure about the utility of the sange, yasha and kaya, I think the movement speed, status resistance and spell amplification and cost reduction should be provided by other items.

    - Aghanim's Scepter: it can't be consumed but it should have a dedicated item slot like the teleporter scroll.
    - Mek: provides healing amplification, the base healing of this item is reduced.
    - Null talisman, wraith band and bracer should be the recipe of several items.
    - Radiance: this item is almost impossible to get if we don't have free farming. It should provide bonus movement speed too.
    - Bloodthorn's active: provides 70% accuracy, it counters evasion too hard currently and is much better than mkb.
    - Solar Crest: the upgrade only reduce the armor by 5, it should reduce it by 7 too (14 total) and reduce the movement speed by 20%, no attack speed reduction or amplification.
    - Maelstrom: it has a chance based modifier, so attack speed is more important than raw damage. It should at least provide 30 AS, it could include: glove, quaterstaff and javelin.
    - Dagon: to avoid using it for KS, the item applies a 3 seconds blind like Tinker's laser.
    - Aeon Disk: should work like a shallow grave, it doesn't reduce the upcoming damage, you can't get bellow 1 HP for 4 seconds, during this time it provides 75% status resistance. Cooldown reduced to 50 seconds.
    - Drum of Endurance: 15% movement speed instead of 13%, no consumables like the diffusal blade buff.
    - Nullifier: slightly faster travel speed projectile.
    - Rod of Atos: provides +30 movement speed for 2 seconds after casting it and the projectile and net provides vision (useful combined with Hurricane Pike).
    - Necronomicon: HP 700/1100/1500. Less macro required, the ranged passively applies a 40% movement slow. Damage hero type instead of rat type. Duration 15 seconds, cooldown 30 to avoid split pushing with it. They both have status resistance to be less affected by Shiva's attack speed reduction.
    - Lotus Orb: cooldown 12 seconds, 12 armor.
    - Moon Shard: Can't be consumed, it's currently a 7th item. It has an active to lock a target like Windranger and be able to attack while moving, when used your movement speed is reduced by 20%, the s key cancel the effect. It works with a melee hero but you need to be close so it's less useful. It provides vision of the target until 1000 range.
    - Desolator does +10 damage on each hit, starts with 40 damage. Still provide 7 armor reduction.

    New item:
    - A new item that provides +30% status resistance aura to allies and -30% status resistance to enemies. Useful for melee tank/initiators. It is built from an item that increase the status resistances aura by 20% and another that decreases it with an aura by 20%.

    Hero abilities:
    - We should have an hero with a passive Linken ability.
    - A tank with huge status resistance passive.
    - Another multi-heroes.
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