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Thread: [Summer Scrub] Update notes not actually working

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    [Summer Scrub] Update notes not actually working

    Assuming I'm not overlooking something or misunderstanding some of the Summer Srub update notes, I found these two changes that aren't actually working in-game. It would also be possible that these changes were simply scrapped but accidentally still kept in the update notes.

    1: "Hovering over a hero's level indicator will now show the XP range"

    Holding Alt shows a hero's current XP over their level indicator, however, hovering over it with the mouse does nothing. On the contrary, the change "Added a tooltip to non-heroes' level indicator that shows Gold and XP Bounties" does work.

    2: "Alt-clicking the clock to print the time now also prints whether bounty and/or power runes are spawning soon"

    Alt-clicking the in-game clock still only prints the time (e.g. "1:08").
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    There was XP range, then it disappear. Maybe because it causes some flicker when moving mouse quickly.

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