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Thread: "Item bought at: xx:xx" Text in inventory for spectators

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    "Item bought at: xx:xx" Text in inventory for spectators

    Incase you didn't understand the title, i'll try to explain what i mean. Many times dotacommentators have been wondering when a Item has been bought. If there would be a text, when hovering over the item, that shows when it was bought, it would help commentators alot! This function would only be there in Spectating, Replays & Broadcaster slots. Maybe even in the normal game but only for allies.

    What do you think?

    Edit: M72thelaw suggested putting the text below the itemname which fits much better so that would be the newer design.

    New Design:

    Quote Originally Posted by HMAN911 View Post
    I think a 'item purchase order' panel would be a lot better.

    For the selected hero, click on a panel within the UI to show a log of what that person has purchased and at what time that happened.

    This way you will know what item they started with, when they sold certain items and when they combined them. With the current suggestion, you cant tell when the ingredients for an item were purchased because they were combined to the actual item.

    This would be easy enough to do with some scripting, but we should have this in a panel in the game for spectating. Would be very very useful IMO.
    A nice addition by HMAN911, which would make the feature even better! Adding this together with the tooltip would make a spectators life easier
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