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Thread: Huskar Burning Spears DPS talent and magic amp behaviour

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    Huskar Burning Spears DPS talent and magic amp behaviour

    I just spectated a rank 10 Immortal player who had bought Veil of Discord and opted for the +10 Burning Spears DPS talent. He didn't manage to get to lvl 25 for the pure damage spears, but I was curious to try this out so I loaded up a demo.

    So you can amp regular Burning Spears with Kaya and Veil as expected and also the +10 DPS version. However once you get the pure damage talent only Kaya boosts the damage and Veil does nothing.

    To me this is clearly a bug, but I wanted to check first.

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    Veil of Discrod reduces enemies'īmagic resistance. It does not amplify spell damage, it makes enemies less resistance against magical damage.

    Pure damage completly ignores magic resistance. This is intended.
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