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Thread: Manta Bug with Vengeful Spirit

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    Manta Bug with Vengeful Spirit

    I have been experiencing a Manta bug with VS lately that I cant seem to figure out

    Please watch the video that is linked below and give me your opinion/thoughts or any ideas on how to fix this issue.

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    This bug exists due to Vengeful Spiritís aura spawning an illusion on death and the game automatically selecting illusions that Venge spawns (and automatically deselecting the main hero, which would usually be dead).

    The game will only select the illusions she creates, since she usually only creates illusions upon death and selecting the dead hero is redundant (except for buyback/item stuff).

    This is most likely the reason why the auto-select option only selects her illusions, but not the main hero.

    Giving Venge other illusion spells, such as Conjure Image or Mirror Image (e.g. in Ability Draft), leads to the same issue of the game only selecting her illusions, but not her main hero alongside the illusions:
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    This seems to be fixed now.
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