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Thread: Nightstalker importer issues

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    Nightstalker importer issues

    Hey there! I just want to note a few problems with previewing Nightstalker both importer and ingame.

    - When viewing in the model viewer, the nighttime base model does not appear. I am unable to view my night time item. However I can view it while previewing ingame.
    - Unable to view all the night time wearables while previewing nighttime set. His legs slot and tail slot become default models.
    - I just wanted to note that you cannot seamlessly view the night and day time set while previewing in the game. When changing from day to night you have to go back into the importer and switch the day/night tab and reload 'preview ingame' everytime the time changes ingame manually otherwise Nightstalker will be hunting around in the night hunched over and the daytime set will be inside of him.

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