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Thread: Unable to calibrate rank for new account.

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    Post Unable to calibrate rank for new account.

    Posting for my brother, who recently finished his 100 match made games. The ranked find match tab works and he is able to find a match, but upon the completion the games left to calibrate doesn't change in the stats page. I know this is probably to do with the new matchmaking that was implemented in summer scrub which states it will last "until the end of the season" (also unknown if talking about ranked season or literally summer) but its disappointing to not have a clear date to look for where it will be fixed, and having the alternative to be getting stomped every game because they are too high of a rank. I already had him contact steam support for the issue but thought that it may be better to post here as well to hopefully get the attention of the devs.

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    It started working after playing a support game so I think its bugged requiring you to play atleast one core and one support before it will track it

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