Sometimes when I'm playing and I'm edge-panning in the right bottom corner my mouse gets stuck there. It usually can happen up to 2-3 times per game. It's like the mouse cursor really wants to keep going in that direction, dragging my screen down away from my hero! Normal mouse movements can't make it unstuck, pressing escape button seems to do the trick but in all honestly I spam my whole keyboard since it happens in tight situations too.

I am not exactly sure when this started happening, but it was just after TI when I downloaded a big W10 update so it could maybe be either a dota update or microsoft update that started this.

I have not downloaded any other pieces of software or made changes to anything windows or dota related lately.

There are 3 monitors connected, it also happens when I disable all other monitors.

Running windows 10 professional, i5 760, ati r9 280x, 16gb ddr