hi, me have big big big and proble when cost me very lot of money....last 3day dont have drops from trove carafe and immo 3....on immo 3 67treasures and nothing, on trove carafe 70 treasures and 1x tech...sry but this is not normal...me spend very lot money for drop and this is not fair...3,5euros x 70????this is 245 euros and me dont have mk....Dear Valve this is unfair....im lvl 2000 all year (2400,2500,2000) Valve have from me on 2013-2019 8600 euros and give me all year only rage....last year send me 4 item for kompensation ok thx, but this is price for this???? 140 treasures and no ultrarare drop and 1 rare drop?????plz fix mine account. this is not normal--------bilioners valve muss steal money, luck workers as me?????.......be happy Valve...sry 4 mine eng...isnt mine language