This has happened too many times:

Dire team: player #1 connects and disconnects multiple times
Dire team: player #1 five minute timer runs out
Dire team: gets passive gold bonus
Game console: players may now leave the match without penalty, but the game still counts
Dire team: player #2 does a "fake" disconnect to encourage players on radiant to leave
Radiant team: someone upset about anything at all uses this excuse as a reason to abandon the game
Dire team: player #2 fake disconnect re-connects
Dire team: player #1 reconnects, and even though they got the abandon, they play out the game

So now, you have a 5v4, with one side getting passive bonus, the game console encouraging players to leave, and it ends up being a total waste of 40 mins because radiant is 4v5, with the other side getting the passive gold bonus, and the disconnect/abandoned player is back anyway.