So recently playing an All Random Deathmatch i bought a Claymore to finish my Shadow Blade (i had the amulet in my backpack)
I died while the claymore was on the way to me and so the currier returned to the base with my item in its backpack.
I clicked return item to hero on the currier's menu and all of a sudden my Claymore was no more.
I had been Phantom Lancer before this(when i died). So when i clicked Transfer items to hero or return items to backpack(i.e my backpack in base, can't remember the name) it transferred the Claymore to my phantom lancer character(who was dead and unplayable) and so my next character (Drow Ranger) was left with no claymore and I was set back all that gold. I only realised it was sent to my phantom lancers backpack two seconds before i respawned so i was unable to drop the item into the base or return it onto the currier.
I believe this to be a glitch as items held by the currier should surely be transferred to the new hero and not the old, in my opinion anyways.