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Thread: Suggestion to reduce the abuse of reports

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    Suggestion to reduce the abuse of reports

    Many people use reports in a wrong way. They will report a player for playing slightly worse, despite not intentionally ruining the game or abusing abilities. Here I want to address how some people report enemy players for communication abuse, despite not deserving those reports. Here's a showcase of how people abuse the system by reporting techies pickers: Notice how my allies almost never report me and actually commend me, while after almost every game I get reported by the enemy players. I can't play dota anymore because I am placed in a low behavior pool where there are a lot of toxic people I need to play with, despite not being toxic myself, along with being constantly muted and unable to convey crucial information to my allies.


    What if we had an option in the settings that prevented us to talk to the enemy team on all chat and also made us immune to enemy reports for communication abuse? After all, you literally can't talk to the enemy, so they shouldn't be able to report you for something you're not doing, right? I think this suggestion is great because it solves the problem with no negative consequences and works well within the automated reporting system of dota.

    I tried to post this on reddit as well, but people downvote it so it won't have visibility.
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