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Thread: Greevil's Greed Solution.

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    Greevil's Greed Solution.

    I have just come up with a very simple solution to the Greevil's Greed problem.

    Instead of just giving alchemist gold when he kills a unit, it should instead spawn gold coins in a random 500AoE when a unit is killed by alch.

    These coins can be picked up by any hero.

    This should slow down alch enough that he's more balanced and doesn't snowball as hard.

    Should also just totally remove the bonus gold from bounty runes unless alch himself picks them up.

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    i got a better and very simple solution. he gets MORE gold from creep kills. but whenever he use acid spray or stun, it randomly spray gold coins e.g. many coins like in morokai kill / throws 100-200 gold coin stun at enemy hero

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