* stack solo and party mmr as if it's normal
* fucking cancerous "role mmr"
* no strict solo mmr
* treating veteran players as if they are lab rats

This kills Dota 2. And I thought that D2Chess was going to do it. Icefrog has literally robbed me - and many, many other Immortal+ players - of any incentive of playing another mmr game ever again, since we can never get into a stack with the pro's, and most of the times it's just blatantly unbalanced to play against them. What's the reward, huh? For me to visit a stream where some happy - and oh believe you me, they are happy since they've got there first - happy streamers are playing 5 v 5 with/against some other famous people, while we solo players receive what? A pat on the back? A stack 5 ranks below the other solo players in my team? A "support" who buys one obs per game, since you can't get anyone better in the 60 minutes of searching a player? What do WE get?

Thanks for nothing, Valve.