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Thread: Thoughts on Matchmaking Update for the Next Ranked Season

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    Thoughts on Matchmaking Update for the Next Ranked Season

    one thing i noticed, your current new algorithm is very flawed. many of my friends complained that they just keep losing and its not balanced. personally last month i lost from 4.2 (ancient 6) to 3040 and just keep losing too. some of my archon friends just keep winning and he is divine 4 now where previously he has trouble getting to legend. Another friend i have went from archon to ancient 4 in just 1 month time frame. They are not smurfs but it seems ridiculous and enviable that something like this happened. perhaps im just playing badly, but it feels very different to the old system, which im not sure what. Perhaps they're playing with their divine friends / smurfs to boost their mmr? This can encourage MMR boosting service. e.g. using low mmr accounts to help friends win their games.

    Symmetrical role for midlaners:
    If you're doing this, might as well have 4 different mmr numbers. not simply for Cores, but Midlane, offlane, and safelane MMR. In addition to Support MMR as the 4th MMR. you will have more meaningful statistic rather than grouping it as Core MMR. Your algorithm is flawed precisely because you group this as core mmr, where previously we have solo mmr and 5 people are prepared to go mid and be flexible, instead of just 1, hence heavily rely on the person queuing as mid or individual roles.

    Draft role report, interesting, but doesnt help with those people who are pretending to be nice at start, telling team that its better if safelane go offlane instead because their hero got countered, etc. You will need a Swap role button at start of game

    Core and support ranks, update the MMR of the other type by a percentage of that game’s gains or losses. Seems fair, as some players play their least used roles to play party with their lower mmr friends. I do this too sometimes, so hopefully you remove 2500 mmr too far apart restriction. Honestly i think you should make it like battlecup. Tier 6 or Tier 8 for example. It is also might be fun if you could invite non-friends to Team so we have team mmr back that incorporate individual core and support mmr, and make Team games more fun and meaningful.

    Ban waves, it will be hard to catch account buyers, even harder to catch those who let their account be played by mmr boosters (or play with mmr boosters), but good luck anyway.

    Ranked access, time based one is silly, they'll just make the game longer. plus youre punishing new players who cant rank with their friends until they play 100 hours. one of my friends changed her mind playing dota because of minimum games required to play rank. plus you're encouraging account buyers who dont want to spend 100 hours / minimum games to play ranked. honestly i feel that ranked access should simply be 10 calibration matches alone and you must have 0-3 reports during that period, otherwise you go to LP, and will need to play 10 more games for re-calibration. honestly recalibration should happen every time you go to LP. you could add something like only 1 person is calibrating at a given time. Or if the game is ruined, you could make -5 mmr for each reports. e.g. reported player -45 mmr (extra -20 mmr for 4 reports during calibration), while others only get -5 mmr. Reporting button during LIVE games can make accurate reports for what exactly went wrong, instead of team griefing at the end of game.

    we have smurfs because you restrict MMR too far apart message to play with friends e.g. 2500 difference / people dont want to play their old accounts with ruined mmr / people with High mmr dont want to ruin their mmr to play with lower mmr friends. recalibration doesnt mean anything since its based on your old highest MMR and current mmr and they get the same number year after year. some of my friends said that low mmr bracket is so bad and toxic hence they stopped playing rank.

    START FRESH for each season. last year immortal doesnt mean you should play with immortals for your calibration. of course the quality will be better if you play with similar high ranks. you need mix and match medals. e.g. mid divine vs mid divine with archon offlane vs archon offlane, etc. If offlane lost, you will have better offlaner next game e.g. someone higher medal. and if you're on a winning streak, you will vs someone with a higher medal etc. calibration should be randomised.

    In summary, here are what i think you guys should be doing:
    ranked access: simply 10 calibration. must have 0-3 reports or go to LP + reset 10 calibration. those who recently got low priority must recalibrate again everytime. Hard support role less requirement for calibration / can play outside their bracket
    create 4 different MMR numbers: for mid, safelane, offlane and support.
    Matching teams with winning streak vs team with winning streak (similar Tier)
    Remove party mmr too far apart restriction like battlecups.
    Rework All pick to be similar like Captain's mode. whoever fastest to click can ban within 15 seconds. instead of leaving it to chances and luck for banning. To prevent unfairness e.g. using 3rd party app such as Overwolf ban suggestions, you should make it so that each player Last Played Hero can be seen. hence people know what to ban / cant spam the same hero
    Start fresh for each season calibration. dont make people stay the same MMR. make them play vs ppl outside their bracket.
    e.g. 1st game always vs someone 1 medal higher until you win.
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