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Thread: Can play unranked, but not ranked (7000 Behavior score).

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    Can play unranked, but not ranked (7000 Behavior score).

    Not sure if a bug or another type of ban to go along with the new update. I assume its a bug because several other people are also experiencing this and its showing I can play ranked (but not letting me with the message "Cannot queue for matchmaking at this time."). If its a ban I assume its with the phone number, but my current phone number has been on for years and is a genuine phone number (not voip). I may have used it long in the past on another account if you are soft-banning smurf phone numbers, but you should clearly state this if that's the case.

    Referencing this on the ban blog: "Accounts that we ban will now also have the associated phone number permanently blacklisted from being able to have access to ranked matchmaking."

    Others having the same issue.

    EDIT: Apparently I can play party ranked if my friend searches!
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    I have the same exact issue. And I was not banned during the recent wave and i have a regular phone number.

    Here is the message from the console : StartFindingMatch failed. (legacy_generic_eresult: 1 result: k_EStartFindingMatchResult_FailGeneric debug_message: "Phone number association.")

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