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    Lightbulb Ban

    Using a new strategy like sharing the farm with the core as support, and picking every hero you want as support will get you mass report. I specific that usually i play safelane. I got like 430/10000 behavior score, 3 day ban and 3 low, then 7 days plus 5 low, then other 7 days. Playing at the max of my performance, suggesting to ally and helping them learn the game, zero flame, zero abandon, like 10 commends and buying wards and salves and mana regen type to sustain lane. The core player will get angry of creeps because he think that creeps are only for him, he could actually grief the game losing or continuing playing, and telling all to report me. This thing of core crying is not everytime used. Some players stay lane and have no problem continuing playing and enjoing, some abandon lane and go jungle (lane could be losed or winned depending on me or how the enemy team use that our disadvantage/advantage (that give me no problem, if core think that is better), if they dive and no one of our team teleport i could lose the lane (and retreat under t2 or jungle)/or win (and defendind t1) depending on my skills (and that will give me no problem, because i respect the choice of core going somewhere else), usually some just ping and flame (i respect theyr choice of not agreing of my choice of getting farm, but i would like to continue playing), rarely some grief and go afk (then blame me, as said before i have no problems on this, because i prefer play, and if they don't wanna play they can choice that). Anyway the thing of sharing creeps will not in the end decide the finish of the game (win/lose). How you use that farm, and how you fight and how you skills will decide you the end of the game. So sharing the farm to me is not considered a bad thing in the game.
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    That's the sad reality you have to face. All core players who don't share some last hits are assholes.
    I let my support get some last hits when I play core and it doesn't bother me.

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    totally agree with you , i mostly play hard sup and soft sup role , and I do whatever i can as in my role, and many times they blame me cause i didnt support them while they had vision all over the map, dewarded enemy visions and gave em tangos mana, healed
    this just is the worst thing happened to me like ever, and now with a behaviour score of 8.5k I am not able to play for 1 hour, cause of what ? come core player could'nt play and blamed/ reported me ! LOL

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