Create a Hero Guide. I happened to be updating my Hero Guide about Drow. I was in the middle of Editing the Guide (I had not saved my work yet), when a game came up to ACCEPT. I had clicked PLAY DOTA and FIND MATCH. I clicked on ACCEPT and then something weird happened. It took me back to the summary of my last game. In the bottom right hand corner, I had RECONNECT and a warning about ABANDONING the game. What? Within seconds, the RECONNECT BUTTON was gone and I was staring at a PLAY DOTA button. I'd been banned for 5 min. I didn't know what I'd done, so I did it again. I went to update my guide, hit EDIT, was adding some text as to why Drow should have a Skull Basher (I know, crazy!) when a game came up to ACCEPT. I did, went to the same funky screen again (my last game summary) and I was stuck. I couldn't go back to HERO GUIDE and couldn't RECONNECT (wouldn't let me). So i got a 2nd ban for not being "ready". This time for 14 min. BTW, I didn't get a chance to see if it was because i was in the EDIT mode, or if it was because I had not PUBLISHED the guide. Take care.

Sgt Steiner