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    Many people never aware that sometimes a player may face disconnection of Internet during the ALL-PICK time. Try and imagine, if someday, your team left 2 players during the ALL-PICK time but there is 1 of them who disconnected. The game may automatically pick a hero for that player who is disconnected by random method.

    As we know, the current Ranked MM is running by roles playing. If the randomed hero does not match the role of that disconnected player, then how can it be consider as a fair result of randoming? Disconnected player is a hard support player but the game randomly pick Phantom Assassin for him? Before the game start, then he reconnected back and cannot do anything. Feeling shocked with the random pick result by stupid AI.

    Maybe some of you will think that "PAUSE" can help in such situation. To me, yes it does! Because by pausing a game, it allows the disconnected player to have some time to reconnect back. If now is Radiant's turn to make a hero pick and 1 of its player is disconnected, then Radiant's players should be given the chance to pause the game. However, the Dire team should be given chance to resume the game too if the pausing is too long. My idea here is, if the Dire team decides to resume the game, then the timer of ALL-PICK should automatically switch to Dire team because it is their desire to resume and have a war against the Radiant team.

    If Dire team does not decide to resume the game after waiting for minutes (around 2 ~ 3 minutes), then at least they should be given a chance to offer declaration of war with draw result. That game should automatically "safe to leave" for all as a draw result is declared already: no MMR, no win/lose but draw, no item rewards, etc.



    Q1. Now is Radiant picking time and 1 of its player disconnected but there is 1 of Dire's player who intend to abuse the pause by pausing the game. Can he does so?
    A: No. I believe the game can be coded with conditions to disallow any Dire's player from using the pause function if there is no player who disconnected or must be their turn of picking heroes.

    Q2. If there are 2 players in a party try to abuse the pause function where 1 player try to disconnect himself in order to allow his friend to pause the game, then how to fix this?
    A: To me, the "DISCONNECT" green button which is located below the "ABANDON" button does not contribute much in Dota 2. It should be removed at the moment and one abandon button is a must for any player who has emergency disconnection (receive penalty by himself for not planning a proper schedule to play a game).

    Q3. If currently is Dire team to pick a hero, does Radiant team has permission to pause the game by attempting to manually disconnect for pausing and switch the turn of picking?
    A: No. As said in answer for Q2, if the "DISCONNECT" button can be removed, then there is zero possibility for the Radiant team to pause the game unless there is a player in Radiant who disconnect the game by pulling off his cable or switching off the WiFi connection. However, as said in answer for Q1, if it is not their turn, then they cannot make any pause although there is player who attempted to cheat the disconnection of Internet. Therefore, if there is no player who disconnected and is not their turn of making a pick, then they cannot use the pause function.

    Q4. If a player in Radiant team disconnected (due to bad network connection), then does his teammates have permission to pause the game?
    A: No. As said in answer for Q3, if there is no player who disconnected and is not their turn of making a pick, then they cannot use the pause function. The timer of picking a hero in Dire team should be enough to be switched to Radiant team because a maximum of 2 players to pick heroes per turn means there are 600 seconds to pick or else, if Dire team do not want to pick any hero and intend to drag longer, then they will receive more gold penalty up to 0 gold.

    FAQs will be updated from time to time.
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