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Thread: Game is unplayable after new role bans for roaming supports etc

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    Angry Game is unplayable after new role bans for roaming supports etc

    I play alot of roaming support with unusual support heros like sven invoker slark wk kunka lc enigma.
    The new report system has made the game unplayable for me. Even if I stick in lane and play position 5 and win the game for my team., since the reports come in at the selection time and Im hit with atleast one idiot reporting me. I got 3 day bans on my 2 accounts from playing about 2-3 games on each. This is absurd and will kill dota for position 4 players. I dont like to play core so my only choice will be to leave dota if this is not fixed.

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    Yes the system is abusable, i got ban of 3 + 7 + 7 days. I talked about that in 2 posts.

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    Valve just doesnt want you to play heroes like sven as support because that breaks the whole system of carry/core/support. Its evident by the fact that they overbuffed some supports and nerfing hard carries so the meta would again revolve around supports babysitting carries who cant do anything by themselves. Otherwise youll have a support who if the game goes long enough will become a 3rd carry and win just because carry trumps lesser roles.

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