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Thread: MMR system Needs changes ASAP.

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    MMR system Needs changes ASAP.

    At last we got ranked roles, a positive change that should have been in game so many years ago. Better late than ever. But the MMR system needs adjustments asap.

    A person can play dota but at the same time the exact same person gets two different MMR scores representing his "skill" and his understanding of the game which is ridiculous. I understand that some people perform better in one role and worse in others but very often a person can play 2 or more roles just as good.

    Not to mention that itis ultra boring to play only one role forever but also takes HUGE amount of time investment if you want to actually increase your MMR by a significant amount.

    So with this change now it requires double the grind which is like you are forcing us to play only one role and this takes away so much from the game and its diversity and makes dota something that its not. And also you are preventing players who want to play other roles from doing so because they feel like they lose their progress !

    I have been playing carry all day long but as you can already guess i got bored of it so i wanted to switch to pos 4 which i can do so with the same or even higher success.. but it feels like all the effort and time i invested and all the wins i got as core was for nothing and it was just wasted time. and now i have to start over which makes me feel way less motivated and most importantly makes me feel like i m losing time and progress that i could put at my main MMR. which is not actually my main mmr but its the Role i played the most the last month. This is insanely bad.
    And like if this wasnt enough i would also have to play from the beginning queuing with people at lower level which makes the game even less enjoyable.

    Please do something about it.
    Either keep only one MMR number active for both roles which would be the simplest solution OR at least make it so we get something like 72% of the MMR winnings/loses of one role go to the other role as well. So for example lets say that you win a game and you get 25 points playing as a core, you should also get your support MMR increased by 72% of the points you earned from that win which is 18.
    This way you would feel like you dont lose so much progress and the final numbers are somewhat close to each other so you can switch between roles depending how you feel like playing. Because everyday is not the same. some days you wanna play as core some as support.

    Lastly one more thing i noticed is that something has changed at performance calculation algorithm . I got dota plus sub and in game i had all performance indicators showing up with green arrow KDA/Last hits/ netwoworth by a fair amount but after the game was over at the recently played games list the arrow performance was red while the performance bar on the character is on the green side... why is that ? ? is it a bug or something ?

    also if you want more people to play hard support reward them with something more meaningful not with useless bits. Like +2 mmr if you win as hard support you can figure out the proper number.
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    I agree with some of the above, however, I think that the more important thing is the even more severe impact of the 'aggro' reports that players enjoy using. I've dropped a significant amount of mmr since the change to the report system, specifically because I play heroes that a lot of people don't trust (e.g. chen, io, techies). I very frequently get reported the moment the game begins, even though I play very well for my rank and as a result, I get put with progressively more and more toxic teams which creates a viscious cycle that is impossible to stop without simply playing unranked games for 20 hours only to gain 100mmr and then the cycle repeats. I've played dota for a long time, and this is the first time I've genuinely considered just leaving the's becoming boring to try and progress on a single account and I don't have enough friends that play (for this EXACT reason) to 5 man often enough. Single queue should not be treated any differently from party but right now it's a huge disadvantage to queue alone (at least if you're playing to gain mmr). I've left the game for a week already, came back and I'm still being put with toxic Russian kids...when are Valve actually going to remedy this?

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    Now it gotten even worse. With the latest patch any1 under 3k is now perma muted. You wont be able to talk until you get out of the 3k score (me sadly) and with ppl abusing the report on whim its over for me.......I can no longer raise my score now and ppl who can talk will forever be able to lie to enemy team and I cant do anything to stop it......

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    imagine a support player does all he/she has to do as a support, buys wards and dewards enemy wards, helps team mates, give tomes to carries, doesn't feed, get kills in possible situations.
    but in the same team the offlaner is not a skilled player, plays really bad , feeds and can't do his role, or image a carry player not being to carry the team , get kills, and they lose! they all lose MMR , this is not fair.
    my rank was legend and no it's reduced to guardian cause I lose 6 of 10 games not because i couldn't support my team but because other roles couldn't do what they had to.
    there should be a system to avoid such lose of MMR .

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