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Thread: Keyboard and mouse action does not respond unless you press them with long intervals

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    Exclamation [Bug]Keyboard and mouse actions don't respond after some moments in a match

    I think it's a gameplay bug, not a performance issue. Why moved the post to here.

    [Updated] Seems it has a high possibility to trigger this bug after a disable-status. Perhaps it's a by-products of new after-disable action-sequence. Previously, when hero is under disable-status, only the last action received during this time will be execute after it, without the 'shift' key. Now it will execute all the action sequence just as press the 'shift' key earlier (except auto-attack will not be triggered) unless a "s" key was pressed during it. That will make almost every-hero have a action-burst in the few ticks once the disable-status ends which cause the bug below easily.

    Maybe it's the reason of anti-cheat process? But the result is absurd. After the bug triggers at some moment in a match, if you press keyboard or mouse faster than about 2 actions per second, it will randomly drop some actions which performed like the server never received them at all. The hero may not move or attack when you right click, Invoker may not invoke his spell right(not invoke or invoke a wrong spell depends on which action was "dropped"), this consequence is so terrible often makes the player unable to continue the match, restart dota program or even reboot PC did not help, So it's high probability a bug on server, not on client. If the restriction was intended, isn't an 120 apm cap seems too low for a experienced player? Not to mention it even include the move actions from 'Auto-repeat Right Mouse'.

    Until now, I still don't know exactly what caused this bug and the circumstance triggers it. As reports I heard from other players, this often happens on the hero who incline to burst tons-of-action in a flash, e.g. Meepo, Invoker, Broodmother, etc. However even the largely low-apm hero such as Necrophos may trigger this. In the match 5047788564, after some moment around 22:00, the ability and item both not respond to the player's action correctly at times, which caused the player's behave weird as click low-health enemy without cast his ultimate on them.

    I have tried to reproducing the circumstance by create a macro which sends a very large number(>1000) of keyboard events(as 0-cast-point ability like Invoker's orb) in a second attempt to overflow the server. Only in two cases the bug recurred. Mostly I just got my client uncontrollable for a little while or disconnected from the server(but can still reconnect) or nothing. It seems this bug is not directly relevant to the usage of macro. I'm not sure what operate will trigger the bug and how to avoid it yet.

    The other replays this bug revealed will be listed below(with the trigger moment).
    match, hero, time
    5047788564, Necrophos, about 22:00
    5051179725, Skywrath, about 26:50.
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