Hero loadout where you equip items (in the main screen not in a match[maybe in match too never verified])and the loading screen intro where it shows the two teams the camera is super zoomed in while playing on 5120x1440. Everything in game is great and everything else UI related looks fine - except the zoomed in hero loadout. In one of the screenshots I took as an example the "Featured" hero on the Dire is Invoker. The info plate on the right that says "[playername]/INVOKER/stat/stat/stat" is there and in the right spot but you cant see above Invoker's shoulders or below his knees

I to upload screenshots in the "Manage Attachments" but for whatever reason could not get it to work... tried changing from .jpeg, to a .gif, then tried scaling the image down to a much smaller resolution and saving it as a .png - still did not work. If someone can tell me what kind of idiot I am and how to make it work, I am happy to upload screenshots.